About Boxes Next Day


Boxes Next Day supplies custom corrugated boxes and packaging at stock prices to businesses in Canada and the US.

Our business was formed in 2006 to supply markets requiring quick delivery of quality corrugated packaging products. We are committed to helping our customers reduce inventories, remove packaging headaches, and be your just in time supplier.

Customers trust us and buy from us because we always use fair business practices, always provide competitive pricing, and always provide top quality.

They also know we guarantee on time delivery. We’ve invested in industry leading packaging technology that allows us to set up and produce in a fraction of the time of traditional machinery. For our customers, this means we can deliver much larger quantities, great quality, and do it faster than our competition.

We’re located in Etobicoke (just west of Toronto) in a 85,000 square foot secure facility. Our plant is ISO 9001 - 2008 certified.  Our shipping area is located within a gated and controlled environment for complete product control

RichardCiupakGive us a try – call us at 416-253-7350 to discuss your needs. We’ll work hard to exceed your expectations and give you a packaging partner to count on!

Richard Ciupak  |  President  |  Boxes Next Day